Dearly Beloved, This coming Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Lent, is sometimes referred to as Refreshment […]
Dearly Beloved, As you know, events in our country are rapidly changing regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. […]
Dearly Beloved, One of the things that has become very clear over the past couple of […]
Dearly Beloved, The First Sunday in Lent, which we celebrate this coming Sunday, always has as […]
Dearly Beloved, We are now in the pre-Lenten season, a time of preparing for the disciplines […]
Dearly Beloved, This past Sunday’s Gospel lesson is the very well-known story of Jesus at the […]
Dearly Beloved, We celebrated the Epiphany this past Sunday, that great day when the Wise Men […]
“When as all the world was in profoundest quietness, and night was in the midst of […]
Dearly Beloved, As Advent nears its conclusion, we should reflect on the fact that we are […]
Advent Lessons & Carols Sunday, December 1, 2019 @ 5:00 p.m. The All Saints Choir proudly […]