Just to bring a little bit of joy to us today, Abigail Byrd shares with us […]
We are pleased to post here our live-stream of the Passion Sunday Worship.
Dearly Beloved, As you all know, “Stay at Home” orders are being put into place throughout […]
Dearly Beloved, It has been four days since we had to shut down our worship together. […]
UPDATE on March 30, 2020: Public Worship Suspended until April 30, 2020 Dearly Beloved, It is […]
Dearly Beloved, This coming Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Lent, is sometimes referred to as Refreshment […]
Dearly Beloved, As you know, things have moved quickly over the past several days regarding the […]
Dearly Beloved, As you know, events in our country are rapidly changing regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus. […]
Dearly Beloved, The receiving of the consecrated wine, the precious Blood of our Lord and Savior […]
Dearly Beloved, One of the things that has become very clear over the past couple of […]