Barbara, Fran, Frances, Gloria, Jeani, Kathy, and Norman.  
Family, Friends, & Others:
Alex, Benita, David, Dean, Debbie, Diane, Elizabeth, Genene, Jackie, Jennifer, Joan, Maggie & child, Naomi, Olga, Ron, Sam, Sarah & child, Sophia, and Terry.
Provincial Prayer Cycle:
Christ Church, Metairie, LA, Rev. Canon John Hollister, Priest-in-charge; St. Hilda of Whitby Church, Natchitoches, LA, Rev. Francis Fonteneau, Priest-in-charge; St. Botolph’s Church, Boston, MA, Rev. Lawrence Marshall, Priest-in-charge; St. Anne’s Church, Charlotte Hall, MD, Rt. Rev. William McLean, Jr., Rector; St. Paul’s Church, Crownsville, MD,  Rev. Thomas Burr, Rector.




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