Amy, Ashley & child, Bill, Bobbi, Carol, Jeani, Larry, Norm, and Ruth.  

Family, Friends, & Others:

Alex, Alison, Cami, Christie, Dale, David, Dean, Dennis, Diane, Elizabeth, Lizzie & child, Emily & child, Gretchen, Holly, Joan, Kaela, Kirsten, Mary, Melanie, Naomi, Olga, River, Sam, Shannon, Sophia, Sylvia, Tate, Terry, Thomas, Vera, Wayne, and Will.

Rest in Peace:

James, bishop.


Jeff, Caroline, Scott, Layla, Nola, Doug and Cynthia.

Provincial Prayer Cycle:

All Saints Church, Charlottesville, VA, Rev. Canon Glenn M. Spencer, Rector; St. Peter the Apostle Church, Christiansburg, VA, Rev. Paul Beutell, Priest-in-charge; St. Stephen’s Church, Clifton Forge, VA, Ven. C. Thomas McHenry, Rector; Church of the Ascension, Eastville, VA, Rev. Thomas G. Shannonhouse, Rector; St. Luke’s Church, Fredericksburg, VA, Rev. Jeffrey Edmunds, Rector; St. Athanasius Church, Glen Allen, VA, Rev. Robert Placer, Priest-in-charge.



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