Jeani, Barbara, Irene, Betty, Peter, Pete.

Family, Friends, & Others:

Alex, Anna, Ariel, Ashley, Austin, Barbara, Becky, Brandon, Brenda, Chris, Christine, Christine & Child, Danny, Dean, Dorothy, Evelyn, Gage, Gretchen, Hailey, Holly, Jackie, James, Janet, Jeff, Jerry, Joan, Kevin, Liz, Margaret, Margy, Mary, Mason, Naomi, Pat, Palmer, Paul, Penny, Priscilla, Roderick, Yvonne, Walter.


Ruth, Dale, Courtney, Chris.

Provincial Prayer Cycle:

Indigenous Pastorale of the APA in Ecuador, Very Rev. David Haines, Vicar General; Diocese of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (South India), Most Rev. Jaya Rao, Presiding Bishop; Missionary District of the Caribbean, Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, Episcopal Visitor; Missionary District of the Philippines, Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, Episcopal Visitor.



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