Ashley & child, Carol, Jeani, Larry, Norm, and Ruth.  

Family, Friends, & Others:

Alex, Cindy, Dale, Dean, Diane, Lizzie & child, Emily & child, George, Holly, Joan, Mary, Melanie, Naomi, Olga, Rhenda, River, Sophia, Sylvia, Terry, and Wayne.


Shelly, Jeff, and Peter.

Rest in Peace:


Provincial Prayer Cycle:

All Angels Church, Springfield, VA, Rev. Carlton Clarke, Priest-in-charge; St. John’s Church, Virginia Beach, VA, Rev. Robert Whitaker, Rector; St. Columba’s Church, Warrenton, VA, Rev. Arthur Rosales, Priest-in-charge; St. Mark’s Church, Williamsburg, VA, Rev. Daniel Warren, Priest-in-charge; St Michael the Archangel Church, Winchester, VA, Rev. Dr. Raleigh H. Watson, Rector; Christ Covenant Church, Marshfield, VT, Rev. David Mulligan, Priest-in-charge.



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