Alice, Barbara, Becky, Frances, Fred, Norm, Pat, Randy, and Sally.

Family, Friends, & Others:

Alison, Amy, Ashley, Barbara, Billie, Carrie, Chris, Christine, Dean, Debbie, Earl, Erica & children, Harlene, Jeannie, Jeff, Jim, Joan, Judi, Louis, Matt, Melissa, Michelle & child, Naomi, Natalie, Neil, Nicole, Shirley, Steve, Susan, Tamara, Walencewicz family, and David, bishop.


Alex and Cheryl.

Rest in Peace:

Gregory, priest.

Provincial Prayer Cycle: Sun Star Mission, Kyle, SD, Rev. Canon John Armstrong, Missioner; All Saints Church, Chattanooga, TN, Rev. David Currie, Priest-in-charge; Holy Cross Church, Farragut, TN, Rev. Myles Hixson, Rector; St. Peter the Apostle Church, Kingsport, TN, Chair of Vicar is vacant; Holy Comforter Church, Mt. Juliet, TN, Rev. William Zimmermann, Priest-in-charge; St. Philip’s Church, Austin, TX, Rev. Gary Francis, Priest-in-charge.

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