Barbara, Bill, Carol, Fran, Frances, Jeani, Pat, and Pete.  
Family, Friends, & Others:
Alex, Ben, Billy, Bob, Cami, David, Dean, Dennis, Diane, Evelyn, Genene, Jerry, Joan, Naomi, Olga, Sophia, Terry, Warren, and Tom, priest.
Allison, Brian, Carolyn, Paul, and Sarah.
Provincial Prayer Cycle:
St. Augustine of Canterbury Church, Adam, NY, Rev. Richard P. Cumming, Vicar; St. Joseph’s Church, Brooklyn, NY, Ven. Dr. Alan Koller, Rector; Holy Redeemer Church, Canandaigua, NY, Rev. James Ayers, Rector; Christ Church, Carthage, NY, Rev. Tom James, Priest-in-charge; St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Clifton Park, NY, Rev. John Bassett, Priest-in-charge.



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