Anne, Barbara, Brian, Frances, Jeani, Jon, Larry, Pat, and Randy.
Family, Friends, & Others:
Alyce, Brandon, Cathy, Chris, Dean, Diane, Gretchen, Helga, Jack, Jeff, Joan, Linda, Lennon, Mary, Melissa, Mollie, Monica, Myra, Naomi, Nina, Randall, Slone, and Waylan.
U.S. Armed Forces Deployed:
4th Platoon of the 812th Adjutant General Company, Justin.
Provincial Prayer Cycle:
St. Timothy’s Church, Charleston, SC, Rev. Paul S. Andreason, Priest-in-charge; Cathedral Church of the Epiphany, Columbia, SC, Rt. Rev. Paul C. Hewett, SSC, Rector; St Theodore’s Chapel, Columbia, SC, Rev. Paul Sterne, SSC, Chaplain; Church of Our Savior, Florence, SC, Rev. Mr. Peter Towle, Stated Supply; Holy Trinity Church, Greenville, SC, Rev. Lawrence Holcomb, Rector.

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