Jeani, Barbara, Bill, Irene, Betty, Pete, Kathy, Julie, Loretta.

Family, Friends, & Others:

Alex, Amy, Anne, Ariel, Ashley, Austin, Barbara, Becky, Billie, Bob, Brandon, Brenda, Carolyn, Chris, Christine, Christine & Child, Christopher, Danny, Darryl, Dean, Don, Dorothy, Gage, Gretchen, Hailey, Holly, Hunt, Jack, Jackie, James, Jeff, Jerry, Jim, Lauren, Layla, Liz, Margaret, Mary, Mary Catherine, Mason, Matthew, Mollie, Morgan, Naomi,  Pat, Paul, Paula, Penny, Priscilla, Roderick, Sarah, Sue, Susan, Yvonne, Walter, Wesley.


J.B., Sally, Peter, Fr. Erich, Kathy, and all of our family, friends, and loved ones traveling this Christmas season.

Provincial Prayer Cycle:

All Christians throughout the world, especially the persecuted.



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