Alice, Barbara, Becky, Frances, Fred, Norm, Pat, and Randy.

Family, Friends, & Others:

Alison, Amy, Carrie, Chris, Dean, Erica & children, Harlene, Joan, Melissa, Michelle & child, Naomi, Sally & child, Susan, and David, bishop.


Jeanne, Bob, Ryan, Chris, Amber, Callen, Bryce, and Levi.

Provincial Prayer Cycle:

Holy Cross Church, Cleveland, TX, Ven. James G. Monroe, Rector; Living Grace Church, Conroe, TX, Rev. John Lohmann, Priest-in-charge; St. Peter’s Church, Cypress, TX, Rev. Geordan Geddings, Rector; St. Patrick Church, Hurst, TX, Rev. Gerald Cope, Rector; Grace Church, New Braunfels, TX, Rev. Canon Robert J. Cheeseman, Vicar; St. Stephen’s Church, Lucas, TX, Very Rev. William Dickerson, Rector.

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