Allison, Barbara, Brian, Carolyn, Fran, Jeani, Jon, Larry, Pat, Priscilla, and Randy.

Family, Friends, & Others:

Allison & child, Ann, Barbara, Chris, Dale, Dan, David, Dawn, Dean, Diane, Drew, Emily & child, Helga, Jennifer, Jay, Joan, Judy, LaDonna, Len, Mary, Mary Catherine, Monica, Naomi, and Waylan.

U.S. Armed Forces Deployed: Aaron, Alejandro, Alexander, Benjamen, Bradley, Bridgit, Christopher, Darrell, Harvey, Heather, Immanuel, James, Jenalyn, Jonah, Kayla, Kwaku, Laquan, MacArthur, Robert, Rodney, and Terry. These servicemen and women will be listed once by individual first names and then will be grouped by their platoon name, which is the 4th Platoon of the 812th A.G. Co.  

Provincial Prayer Cycle:

Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic States (ACC), Rt. Rev. Donald F. Lerow, Ordinary; Diocese of the Eastern United States (ACA), Rt. Rev. John Vaughan, Ordinary; Diocese of the West (APA), Rev. Canon Robert Hawkins, Vicar General.

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