Dick, Jeani, Ethan, Betty, Joy, Bill.

Family, Friends, & Others:

Allison, Bill, Bruce, Chris, Christine, Debbie, Dodi, Ferne, Gavin, Gretchen, Helga, Jessica, Jonathan, Katie & Child, Marty, Sister Mary Pius, Vincent.



Provincial Prayercycle:

St. Martin’s Church, Ocala, FL, Rev. David Sokol, Vicar; St. Mary the Virgin Church, Delray Beach, FL, Rt. Rev. William Perkins, Rector; St. Mary’s Church, Winter Haven, FL, Rev. Guy DiMartino, Priest-in-charge; St. Matthew’s Church, Riverview, FL, Rev. Kenneth Bailey, Rector; St. Michael & All Angels Church, Orange Park, FL, Rev. Richard Tarsitano, Priest-in-charge; St. Michael’s Church, Panama City, FL, Rev. Pete Windham, Priest-in-charge; St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Port St. John, FL, Rt. Rev. John Vaughn, Rector; St. Paul’s Church, Melbourne, FL, Rev. Canon Raymond Unterburger, Rector.




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