Dearly Beloved, The Epistle this past Sunday from Ephesians, Chapter 4, had a phrase in it that […]
Dearly Beloved, As many of you know, while we were preparing for the Fish Fry last Friday […]
Dearly Beloved, The big news of the past week was the Anglican Joint Synods, which were […]
Dearly Beloved, As you know, it was my incredible pleasure and privilege to baptize my grandson Tucker […]
Dearly Beloved, As you know, as Anglican Christians, we normally baptize infants. This past Sunday, though, […]
Dearly Beloved, Everything is now back in full swing here at All Saints Church. Adult Sunday […]
Dearly Beloved, It has been amazing watching the pictures and stories coming out of Texas this […]
Dearly Beloved, I would like to thank all of you for your love and support upon […]
Dearly Beloved, As most of you know, Kathy and I have been awaiting the birth of […]
Dearly Beloved, This coming Sunday, we are privileged to celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ on the […]