The Epistle lesson during our celebration of the Holy Communion today, reads, in part, “forbearing one […]
The Gospel lesson today includes the famous miracle story of Jesus healing the Centurion’s servant. During […]
During our celebration of the Holy Communion today, Fr. Erich speaks to the fact that our […]
Worship today was online as we had to shut down due to the snow storm in […]
During today’s celebration of the Holy Communion, the Epistle tells us that we should “be not […]
In today’s Epistle, St. Stephen says, ” Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son […]
After being snowed out last year, we were able to celebrate the Holy Mysteries on this […]
The priests and Levites from Jerusalem ask St. John the Baptist, “Who art thou?” This is […]
In today’s Gospel lesson, the disciples of St. John the Baptist ask Jesus, “Art thou he […]
The parish’s Annual Advent Lessons & Carols returned this evening for the first time in two […]