Here is the video of our celebration of the Holy Communion on Wednesday in the week […]
Our celebration of the Holy Communion for the Fifth Sunday after Trinity. Fr. Erich’s sermon focuses […]
In case you missed it today, here is the video of the blessing of the bells […]
Our Holy Communion service in honor of our nation. Fr. Erich’s short sermon touched very closely […]
This video, while about 50 minutes long, has the first ringing of our new bells, as […]
Here is an 8 minute video of our new bells being lifted up and placed in […]
The recorded live-stream of our worship today. In the sermon, Fr. Erich touches on the obligation […]
Here is our celebration for St. John Baptist Day. Fr. Erich gives us some food for […]
Fr. Erich’s sermon today touched on the topic of “Hereby perceive we the love of God…” […]
Today we commemorated St. Alban, the first man to die for his Christian faith in Britain, […]