Barbara, Bonnie, Dennis, Donna, and Jeani.
Family, Friends, & Others:
Alex, Bill, Billie & child, Carol, Carolyn, Chris, Dean, Diane, Gretchen, Jason, Jeff, Jim, Joan, Jordan & child, Kaitlin, Kevin, Kris, Kristen & child, Mary, Margaret, Naomi, Olga, Rebecca, Sarah, Sophia, Stone family, Susan, and Sylvia.
Byrd family, and Sam.
Provincial Prayer Cycle:
St. Savior by the River Church, McConnellsville, OH, Rev. James M. Ryerson, Vicar; St. Andrew’s Church, Jacksonville, OR, Rev. Christopher Smith, Rector; St. Francis Church, Portland, OR, Rev. Michael A. Costanzo, Rector; St. Michael’s Church, Wilsonville, OR, Rev. Canon Robert W. Hawkins, Rector; St. Paul’s Church, Allentown, PA, Rev. Joseph S. Falzone, Rector; St. Therese’s Church, Allentown, PA, Rev. Harold Minor, Priest-in-charge.
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