Parishioners:Barbara, Betty, Edwin, Jeani, Kathy, Loretta, Richard.Family, Friends, & Others:Alex, Alexis, Brandon, Chris, Christine & child, Christopher, Clifford, Dean, Debbie, Donna, Gretchen, Jan, Jeanette, Jim, Kaitlin & child, Maggie & child, Margaret, Mariza, Mary, Miranda, Naomi, Mollie, Sue, Susan, Terri, and William.Rest in Peace:BernieTravel:George, Sara, Chery, Alan.Provincial Prayer Cycle:Diocese of the Northeast (ACA), Most Rev. Brian R. Marsh, Ordinary; Diocese of the Midwest (ACC), Rt. Rev. Rommie M. Starks, Ordinary.
And all those killed and dealing with the tragic shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
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