Dearly Beloved,We pray all of you have been safe and sound through our little mini-blizzard. Due to the anticipated icing conditions that will be prevalent tomorrow morning, we are canceling the 8:30 AM Holy Communion and Sunday School. We will, however, gather for worship at 11:00 AM as usual. Roads should be in a much better state by then. As always, use your best judgment getting out tomorrow morning.Also, angel tree gifts are due tomorrow. I know several of you are “stuck” at the higher elevations and may not be able to get to church tomorrow. No worries. Just bring them by Monday or Tuesday. Doors are open by 9 AM every day and will be open until 3 PM, as Classical Scholars School is in session. Just put them under the tree at the back of the church. The gifts will be delivered to the children on Wednesday.Blessings and I look forward to seeing most of you at 11 o’clock tomorrow.Fr. Erich
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