Dearly Beloved,In my weekly email to you last Friday, I mentioned the plight of Fr. John & Marcella Lohmann in Conroe, Texas. In church this past Sunday, we took up a collection for Fr. John & Marcella to assist them in rebuilding. I am pleased to tell you that in that “last minute” collection we were able to raise $2500.00, which I have already sent to them. We will continue to accept gifts through this coming Sunday. If you so desire, you may click on the DONATE NOW link below to give via your debit or credit card.
A donation through this link goes straight into our All Saints Church account. On Monday, I spoke to both Fr. John and Marcella. They are doing as well as can be expected. They have moved back in to the second floor of their home, setting up a temporary living apartment there. They had to install a security door upstairs because none of the main doors downstairs can be closed due to warping from the flood waters. They were both extremely grateful for our love, concern, and support. Fr. John even gave us a “shout out” on his Facebook page yesterday for our help. I thank all of you for your generosity and if you have not yet given, please do so.
Personal Prayer Request
As most of you know, my daughter Katie, her husband Nathan, and their newborn son Tucker live in southeast Florida. The latest track of Hurricane Irma shows the storm coming ashore near Fort Lauderdale, which is only 20 miles south of where they live. Please pray for their safety, as well as everyone in the path of this monster storm.
Fr. Erich
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