Jeani, Barbara, Betty, Larry.
Family, Friends, & Others:
Alex, Andy, Ashley & Child, Ben, Bill, Christine, Dean, Dodi, Helga, Jan, Katie & Child, Lynda, Miranda, Nancy, Naomi, Pauline, Rusty, Shane, Zola.
Alice, Dave, Allison, Paul, Jessica, Pete, Barbara, Ethan, Sam.
Rest in Peace:
Bonnie, Jonathan.
Provincial Prayer Cycle:
St. Elizabeth’s Chapel, Tuxedo, NY, Rt. Rev. George Langberg, Rector; St. Joseph’s Church, Brooklyn, NY, Ven. Dr. Alan Koller, Rector; St. Lucy Mission, West Winfield, NY, Rev. Richard Dibble, Priest-in-charge; St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, Clifton Park, NY, Rev. John Bassett, Priest-in-charge; All Saints Church, Bellbrook, OH, Rev. Mr. Jerry Bova, Deacon-in-charge; St. James Church, Cleveland, OH, Rev. Daniel Jennings, Rector; St. Mary’s Church, Akron, OH, Rev. Leigh A. Kester, Rector.
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